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In case of an emergency call 911!
Use the park at your own risk!

This Park is reserved for Club-Registered Dogs with Owners/Handlers Only

Open Sunrise to Sunset Every Day


The Dog Park may be closed due to weather-related conditions to protect the turf, or during

pest control application periods. Please respect the posted sign at these times.

The small dog section is intended only for dogs under 25 lbs. All dogs with special needs can use the small dog section when it is acceptable to owners/handlers of small dogs that are already there.

  1. Dogs with their owners/handlers must be registered members of the CLUB, with up-to-date information on their LOW residence; record of current rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (optional but highly recommended) shots; Orange County dog license, and liability insurance (generally homeowners’ insurance will cover this). All personal information shall be kept confidential for the use of club officers only.

  2. All persons inside the enclosure of the Dog Park must wear their Dog Park Lanyard, with current Happy Tails Dog Park ID. Shoes must be always worn and your mobile phone should be handy.

  3. Dogs shall be accompanied inside the enclosed area in the Dog Park only by adult handlers aged 16 and older. No infants or children under age 10 are permitted in the dog park enclosures.

  4. A dog owner/handler must demonstrate the ability to maintain control of each dog he/she brings into the park. The maximum number of dogs allowed inside the park per handler is 3, provided that the handler can always maintain control of each dog. If the handler cannot control multiple dogs, he/she will be restricted from bringing in multiple dogs.

  5. Dogs under six months of age are not permitted in the Dog Park unless they have received their adult vaccinations.

  6. Female dogs in heat are not permitted in the Dog Park. It is recommended that dogs over 12 months of age should be spayed/neutered.

  7. Owners/Handlers may bring water, in plastic bottles only, not glass, into the enclosure of the Dog Park. No food (human or dog food or dog treats) or beverages are permitted inside the enclosure of the Dog Park. Treats in pockets are a serious hazard to the person carrying the treats.

  8. Use of tobacco products is prohibited in the Dog Park. Nicotine is poisonous to dogs. Cigarette butts must be disposed of safely prior to entering the Dog Park. Cups and bottles should also be disposed of properly as they can also be a potential danger to dogs if chewed.

  9. To ensure a healthy environment for all dogs, they should be free of contagious conditions, including coughing, vomiting and diarrhea, for at least one week prior to visiting the Dog Park.

  10. NO professional dog training may be done in the Dog Park unless first approved by the LOWA General Manager.

  11. Dogs must be kept on leash until they are in the designated enclosed off-leash area. All dogs inside the enclosure of the Dog Park must be off leash. Dogs still on leashes may feel threatened by dogs that are off leash. Owners/handlers must be inside the enclosure of the Dog Park with their dog(s) at all times with leashes in hand. Remember that some dogs may not get along (for the same reasons some people don't). Watch your dog carefully to prevent possible problems. NO DOG MAY BE UNATTENDED.

  12. IMMEDIATELY PICK UP AND DISPOSE OF DOG WASTE. Plastic bags and trash cans are available. Disease and parasites live in dog waste and can be harmful to other dogs and unpleasant to owners who may accidentally step in it. If an OWNER is NOT paying attention, notify the owner if you see their dog pooping.

  13. Neither LOWA nor the Happy Tails Dog Club shall be held responsible for any injuries. Owners/handlers are responsible for injuries and/or property damage caused by dogs under their control. If an injury occurs, Owners/handlers shall exchange personal information prior to leaving the Dog Park. Owners/handlers shall report the incident to the Happy Tails Dog Club Officers as soon as possible. An incident report (found @ will need to be filled out by both owners. Owners/Handlers are responsible for the behavior of their animals in and around the outside of the Dog Park. Aggressive dogs (defined as dogs posing a threat to human beings or other dogs) are not allowed in or near the park. Owners/handlers shall immediately remove from the Dog Park any dogs showing signs of aggression. Dogs that are barking persistently should be removed from the Dog Park.

  14. Toys brought to the park must be taken home with you. (Toys left behind may be destroyed by the lawn mowers.) Dogs share toys for this reason, the Bordetella is recommended. RAWHIDE TOYS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

  15. PARKING at the Dog Park will be next to the fenced area and will be limited. Users of the Dog Park may not use the mail station for overflow parking at any time. You are urged to consider walking from the Small Marina parking lot a short distance away on Lakeview Parkway if there is no space next to the fenced area.

  16. Regarding NON-MEMBERS, see something, say something! If there is someone in the park without a lanyard on, ask them if they are a Dog Park member (not an association member). Get the dog's name and email the Dog Park Officers ( with the dog's name and they will check the roster.

  17. Regulations shall be posted in abbreviated versions at the Dog Park, but all Dog Park users must abide by the fully approved Rules at all times.

  18. Please read our Rule Violation Policy. Please reach out to us at if you cannot find an answer to your question(s).

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